• Igor Lylo

    Ihor Lylo is the author of the beer routes "Batyar's Heart" and "Batyar's Path".
    Ihor Lylo is author of the beer tours «Batyar’s Heart» and «Batyar’s Path».

    Ihor, a historian and journalist, is the author of several exclusive tour routes in Lviv. His tours are available in English, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian.

    Ihor has worked as a tour guide in Lviv for over 10 years. He is also the author of guide books on Ukraine published by Baltia Druk Publishing. The guidebooks «Walking Tour of Lviv» and «A Motor-Car Trip Through Ukraine» have become best-sellers in travel literature and have received many awards. Ihor has recently co-authored two DVD projects: Nash Lviv (Our Lviv) and Nashi Chernivtsi (Our Chernivtsi), both published by Talan Studio.

  • Orest Lylo

    Orest is a historian by profession, specializing in Lviv’s 18th century history. His excursions are available in Polish, German, Russian and Ukrainian. He has been working as a tour guide in Lviv for more than 7 years. Besides Lviv, Orest is quite knowledgeable about sightseeing throughout the rest of Western Ukraine. He has also co-authored the text for Lviv’s «Dream Train» and has published many articles.

  • Leslav Pakosh

    Leslav is a tour guide with over 10 years of experience. He conducts tours in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. His extensive knowledge about not only Lviv’s but also Western Ukraine’s history has made him one of the most competent tour guides in Lviv.

  • Artem Bondar

    Artem Bondar is a geographer and an avid traveler. He is an active historical reenactor, and has been a tour guide specializing in Western Ukraine for ten years. Artem is also a mountain guide, a connoisseur of castles and of old Lviv legends, an active participant in historic festivals and reenactments, and has hosted various shows and concerts. He conducts tours in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Polish, including the following costumed tours: A Batyar’s Lviv, In The Footsteps Of Musketeers, and Lviv Night Guard.

  • Ivanna Honak

    Ivanna is a Lviv and Lviv district guide with more that 5yr experience, professional tourism manager and culturologist. She not only presents Lviv as a city of interesting people, events, elegant architecture and multi-national traditions, but can share the most important thing – to convey the special atmosphere of the city. Ivanna guides tours in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

  • Natalia Zubyk

    A quote by a Ukrainian author caught my eye a long time ago, and it truly describes what interacting with people visiting Lviv means to me: «Give a person a piece of yourself, and in return your soul is filled with light». Every day I offer a piece of my heart, and in return people selflessly share their love with me, for which I am thankful. Excursions offered in Ukrainian and Russian.

  • Edward Blinovskyy

    My name is Edward. I have been working as a guide in Lviv during 4 years. My working languages are Ukrainian and Polish. My passion is my city, my place in the world. I am happy that I was born here. I visited many cities in Ukraine and other European countries. So if I hear a question: «Where would you like to be born if you would be given such a chance?» – my answer would be: «Of course it’s Lviv!».

  • Lilya Soltys

    A Formula for Happiness is as simple as loving what you do! Specifically if you are a guide  in the city full of legends. Discovering something new in old Lviv, a city with a young heart, with visitors or friends everyday is an honor for me. My job is my passion. I'm guiding through the city in Ukrainian, Russian, Italian and English.